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Contact Beth Brown at or (314) 244-4606 to request training.

Login to the CM/ECF Training Database  (Use the CM/ECF Training Database to complete training exercises received at training classes.)

Information regarding CM/ECF Training:
- Attorney Training Manual
- Creditor Training Manual

- CLE credit is available for attorneys who attend CM/ECF training.

- If attorneys or trustees themselves are not going to file cases using CM/ECF, then they must designate one or more of their staff members to take the CM/ECF training, enabling more than one person in their office to know how to file electronically using CM/ECF.

- If you have already attended training in another court, you do not have to attend training at the Bankruptcy court.

- Attorneys, trustees, and/ or their staff can enroll in one of our free, instructor-led CM/ECF training classes in St. Louis.

- Instructor-led CM/ECF training classes are offered frequently throughout the year and are conducted at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of Missouri training facility.  The facility is located in downtown St. Louis at 111 S. 10th Street, on the 4th floor of the Thomas F. Eagleton building.

- You do not need to bring anything with you to the training class.

- You must show a picture ID as you enter the courthouse.

- If you are unable to attend the instructor-led training class in St. Louis, please email Beth Brown, or call 314-244-4606 to make other arrangements for training.