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CM/ECF NextGen Information

The Bankruptcy Court upgraded its Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system (CM/ECF) on July 15, 2019 to NextGen CM/ECF.

While docketing within NextGen remains the same, accessing NextGen to file documents is different. NextGen has a Central Sign-On feature that allows e-filers to use one PACER login and password to access any NextGen court (District, Appellate and Bankruptcy) in which they file. To accommodate this change, parties may be required to take one or more of the steps identified below, depending on the user’s PACER account status.

First, each filer must obtain his/her own PACER account. This differs from the current approach which allows a single PACER account per firm that can be shared among multiple users. Your PACER account will ultimately be your login to NextGen CM/ECF, therefore you must have your own individual PACER account. E-filers will not be able to use shared PACER accounts. To register for a new PACER account, visit PACER. Instructions for creating a PACER account are available here.

Second, if you have an older individual PACER account (created before August 11, 2014), it will need to be upgraded for NextGen compatibility. Instructions for upgrading your PACER account are available here.

Third, if you are an attorney and already have a PACER account but never had filing privileges with our Court, you must complete an attorney admission request for Missouri Eastern Bankruptcy Court via PACER. Instructions for completing an admission request are available here.

Finally, to access NextGen CM/ECF, all e-filers who had prior filing privileges with our Court will need to link their prior CM/ECF account with their upgraded PACER account. Please see written instructions here or watch a tutorial here.

- Register for an Attorney PACER Account
- Register for a Non-Attorney PACER Account

Instructions and Training:
- Linking Your CM/ECF and Upgraded PACER Accounts
- Linking Your CM/ECF and Upgraded PACER Accounts: Video
- Registering for a new PACER Account: Instructions
- Upgrade Your PACER Account
- PACER NextGen Training

PACER Contact Information:
- Email:
- Phone: 800-676-6856
- Website: