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Privacy Protection Policy

Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9037 applies to all documents filed with the court.  This policy requires parties in bankruptcy cases to modify or partially redact personal data identifiers contained in documents.

You should not include sensitive information in any document filed with the court unless such inclusion is required by the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or Official Forms or the inclusion is otherwise necessary and relevant to the case.  If sensitive information must be included, the following personal data identifiers must be partially redacted from the pleading:

  • Dates of birth
  • Financial account numbers
  • Names of minor children
  • Social Security numbers

In addition, exercise caution when filing documents that contain the following:

  • Any personal identifying number, such as driver’s license number
  • Medical records, treatment, and diagnosis
  • Proprietary or trade secret information

Official Form B-121 Statement About Your Social Security Numbers should not be included as part of the pdf you attach to the Voluntary Petition.  Instead, the B-121 should be filed as a separate document using the event Bankruptcy>Miscellaneous>Statement of SSN.  This event has a restricted access code associated with it and only court personnel may view the associated pdf.

Responsibility for redacting personal data identifiers from documents rests with the filers, not the court.