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EDSS (Electronic Document Submission System)

The Electronic Document Submission System (EDSS) is designed to allow self-represented ("pro se") parties to submit properly signed and formatted PDF documents to the Court.

If a pleading is properly submitted, the Court will file the document to the party’s case. Any pleadings not properly submitted will be returned to the filing party as unfiled.  If a pleading is to be returned, it will be returned to the filing party at the email address provided in the Electronic Document Submission System.  It is the submitting party’s responsibility to ensure they provide a valid email address.

To request a login and password to be able to submit a document using EDSS, please fill out the application here.  Once this form is completed, the applican(s) must sign it and send it and a copy of the applicant(s) photo ID the Bankruptcy Court at the address shown below or send a PDF image made of the signed application to

United States Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of Missouri
111 South Tenth Street, 4th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102

After the form is processed by the Court, you will receive an email containing your login and password for EDSS, which will allow you to submit documents for filing. Once you have received your login and password for EDSS, you may submit documents to the Court for filing.

Prior to submitting a document, please refer to the EDSS user manual here.

To login and submit a document using the EDSS select this link here.

Please note, attorneys must file documents electronically via CM/ECF pursuant to Local Rule 5005(A).  All documents filed by an attorney shall be filed electronically in accordance with the procedures for electronic case filing set forth in the Procedures Manual.  Therefore, any documents submitted by an attorney will be returned as unfiled.

Bankruptcy petitions and proofs of claim are not permitted to be filed via EDSS.  Because EDSS cannot collect the filing fee, any documents that require a filing fee will be held by the Court until the filer has paid the appropriate filing fee.  For any documents requiring a filing fee, the date of filing will be determined when the Court has both a properly submitted document and the required filing fee.  If the filer has not paid the required filing fee within 7 days of submitting a document, the document will be returned to the filing party as unfiled.  To see a list of the documents that require a filing fee, click herePlease note: personal checks from the debtor cannot be accepted.  Debtor’s must pay by cashiers check or money order. Cash is acceptable at the Clerk’s Office only.  Do not mail cash.

If you would like to file a voluntary petition, please see information concerning the Electronic Self Representation (eSR) here.

If you would like to file a proof of claim, please see information concerning filing a claim through the Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) system here.