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ReachDeck: Text to Speech Hearing Assistance

ReachDeck is a computer program that works with web browsers to allow users to listen to text that appears on a web site as it is read aloud. This tool provides support to help make information on websites easier to access, use, and understand.

ReachDeck can be a useful tool for persons who may have difficulties reading text online, or who have literacy problems or a learning disability such as dyslexia.  It can also be helpful for persons with limited English language skills who may find it easier to listen to spoken text instead of reading the words on a page.  ReachDeck is available at no cost to users.

Click on the ReachDeck image (hearing aid icon located top of the Court’s home page or, similarly here, at the top right of this screen) to launch the support toolbar. Then click on any text on our website to hear it read out loud.