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Local Rules Advisory Committee

United States Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of Missouri

Local Rules Advisory Committee

     The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri is authorized pursuant to statute and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure to make Rules of Practice and Procedure governing bankruptcy cases and bankruptcy proceedings pending in this district. A Local Rules Advisory Committee ("LRAC") assists the Court in reviewing the present local rules, suggesting changes to the rules, and soliciting comments from the bar and the public concerning any proposed changes. Members of the LRAC are appointed to serve a three-year term. The current members of the committee began their term in 2021 and will conclude in 2023. The current members of the LRAC are as follows:

Seth A. Albin Michael Doyle Melinda Maune
Kimber H. Baro Matthew Edwards T.J. Mullin
Michael Becker Jason Fauss Larry Parres
Mary Ann Black Maxwell Groswald Paul Randolph
Adam Breeze David Gunn Thomas Riske
Tracy A. Brown Josh M. Jones Wendell Sherk
Rebecca Case Matthew Layfield Michael Toscano
Kristin Conwell Christopher Lee David Warfield
Fredrich Cruse Tobias Licker Casey J. Welch
Dianna Daugherty Andrew Magdy Jason Wilson
Spencer Desai Nancy Martin Sirena Wilson
Michael Downey    

     The LRAC is coordinated by Matthew Rodman, Attorney Advisor to the Clerk of Court.  Questions concerning the LRAC can be submitted at:  The local rules are reviewed annually by the LRAC and other stakeholders in the bankruptcy system for possible revisions and additions.  Prior to adoption of any new or amended local rule, the Court requires public notice of the proposed new or amended rule and an opportunity for comment.