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Electronic Noticing

The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts encourage the bankruptcy community to utilize Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN).  EBN is a free service that allows court notices to be transmitted electronically, delivering them faster and more conveniently.  Some of the advantages to electronic noticing are:

  • Court notices are sent the same day they are produced by the court.
  • Court notices can easily be forwarded around the office or to your attorney.
  • Court notices that would be mailed to multiple locations can be routed to a centralized electronic address.
  • Storing court notices to your computer means you never lose a paper copy.
  • You can access your court notices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information and to register for this service, please click on the image below.  You may also contact EBN Customer Service at 1-877-837-3424 or by email.


Note: If you are an attorney who already receives your notices via CM/ECF Notice of Electronic Filing, then you do not need to register for this service.

For High Volume Recipients

Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9036(b)(2)(B), effective December 1, 2021, entities that receive 100 or more paper bankruptcy notices in a single month are required to receive court-generated bankruptcy notices electronically.  The Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) monitors notice volumes and will notify the high volume recipient that it must register for Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN).

If the high volume recipient does not register for EBN within 45 days after being notified, the BNC will establish an electronic address where the recipient will receive its notices pursuant to the Rule.  Further information will follow on how to access the notices at the electronic address if the recipient does not timely enroll in EBN.

To avoid any delays or inconvenience that may arise due to enforcement of the Rule, the Bankruptcy Court encourages users to register for EBN by clicking on the image above, contacting EBN Customer Service at 1-877-837-3424, or by email.