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As a general rule, all bankruptcy court proceedings are open to the public.  Media representatives are welcome to attend any bankruptcy proceeding in St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, and Hannibal.  Our Court strives to maintain a calm, reflective atmosphere in and around the courtroom during the proceedings to assure the proper environment for judicial decision making.  Please respect the decorum and dignity of the Court, including appropriate attire and limited movement during the proceedings.

Please be advised that the media is not allowed to attend bankruptcy proceedings by telephone.  Pursuant to Local Rule 9070, this service is only for attorneys participating as party representative in the case.  In mega cases, a recording of the proceeding will normally be posted on the docket as soon as possible after the end of the proceeding.

Below is the Local Rule that explains the limited use of photographic and recording equipment.

L.R. 9075 - Use of Photographic and Recording Equipment.  All means of photographing, recording, broadcasting and televising are prohibited in any courtroom, and in areas adjacent to any courtroom, except before, during, and after a naturalization ceremony or where authorized by a judge presiding over any other ceremonial proceeding.  Nothing in this rule is intended to prohibit the use of electronic audio and visual devices for the presentation of evidence, for making the official record of a proceeding, for ensuring Court security, or when authorized by the judge presiding as necessary to the administration of justice.

Contact Person: Attorney Advisor to the Clerk of Court (314) 244-4603