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Abengoa US Holdings, LLC

Judge Kathy A. Surratt-States: Case No. 16-41161- Associated Cases


Case Caption - Abengoa Bioenergy US Holding, LLC, et. al.


Contact Information

General Case Information    314-244-4500 (Local) or1-866-803-9517 (Toll Free)
Hearing Dates: Courtroom Deputy    314-244-4808 or email
Transcript information: Director of Courtroom Services    314-244-4801 or email
CM/ECF login-password    314-244-4905 or Court website


Judge's Preferences/Requirements
- All proposed orders must be submitted to

- Appearance in Court - All parties that have entered their appearance in this case are welcome to appear in person or request to appear by telephone at all court hearings.

- Telephonic Appearance - If you are requesting to appear by telephone your request must be made by noon on the business day prior to the hearing date. Please contact the Courtroom Deputy by email.


Hearing Dates
- Check here for Abengoa US Holding, LLC, hearing dates.
- Questions or requests, please contact the Courtroom Deputy at 314-244-4808.
- Please do not contact Chambers concerning hearing dates.


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Monthly Fee Statement Filing Procedure
When filing a Monthly Fee Statement in CM/ECF, please use the following pathway:
Bankruptcy Events/Other Miscellaneous Events/Monthly Fee Statements


Motions to Appear Pro Hac Vice
Motion must be filed with the Court via paper or through local counsel. Upon Order granting the Motion the Attorney must acquire a CM/ECF log-in and password here.


- Email to:
- Do not submit proposed order via CM/ECF.



General Questions - Director of Courtroom Services    314-244-4801 or email


Digital Audio Recordings
For information on how to access digital audio recordings, please click here.


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