Patriot Coal - Case No. 12-51502

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Patriot Coal Corporation, et. al.

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General Case Information    314-244-4500 (Local)
1-866-803-9517 (Toll Free)
Hearing Dates: John Howley    314-244-4808 or email
Transcript information: Matthew Parker    314-244-4801 or email
CM/ECF login-password    314-244-4905 or Court website

Judge's Preferences
* All proposed orders must be submitted to

* Appearance in Court - All parties that have entered their appearance in this case are welcome to appear in person or request to appear by telephone at all Court hearings.

* Telephone Appearance - If you are requesting to appear by telephone, your request must be made no later than three (3) business days prior to the hearing date. Please contact John Howley at 314-244-4808 or by email.

Hearing Dates
Check here for Patriot Coal hearing dates.
Questions or requests, please contact John Howley at 314-244-4808.
Please do not contact Chambers concerning hearing dates.

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Monthly Fee Statement Filing Procedure
When filing a Monthly Fee Statement in CM/ECF, please use the following pathway:
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Motions to Appear Pro Hac Vice
Instructions to Procedure to follow for Pro Hac Vice
Chapter 11 : Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice Local Form 7
Motion must be filed with the Court via paper or through local counsel. Upon Order granting the Motion
the Attorney must acquire a CM/ECF login-password here.

Email to:
Do not submit proposed orders via CM/ECF.

Requesting Transcripts

General Questions: Matthew Parker    314-244-4801 or email
Requesting a copy of transcript    973-406-2250 or Escribers website

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